Ingmar Studio

is a creative streetwear clothing brand focused on producing high-quality products with an artistic aesthetic and intense attention to detail.

Ingmar was born kicking and screaming in Frankfurt in 2011. Named after the inspirational Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, we aim to emulate his creativity, artistic power, love of music and all round god-like genius. We create our own designs as well as collaborate with like-minded artists, illustrators and designers. The bold and the brave ones. The ones at the cutting edge, with the scars to prove it. 

Our t-shirts are made for those who share our passion for art, design, music and life. Those who want to stand out, not blend in. It is the rebels we are inspired by, and it is the rebels we are devoted to. 

T-Shirt Culture

We see our T-Shirt as a work of art forcing viewers to startle out of their complacency. We look at a lot of artists that make work we admire and choose the ones that scorch our indifference. So it is due to the well-thought art direction that we manage to offer such extraordinary collections. Outstanding at its best.


Our re-invented T-Shirt is more then the basic staple of any comfortable modern wardrobe. It features a round-bound neck with a double needle stitch and shorter arms, and is specially crafted to compliment the human shape. Made from the finest 100% cotton in beautiful Lithuania, printed with best HD digital and special silkscreen printers in Germany. So you know when you put our T-Shirt on, you can do so with pride.


If you think you might have what we are heading for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We love designs that transport a message which touches people, disturbs or makes them laugh and/or think. Sometimes it is surprisingly surrealistic, and sometimes it is just an unbelievably cool thing. We are aiming for unique designs that cannot be spotted on every corner. So it is an art aspect with your personal style we would like to see. In the end, it is how you perceive the world, it is your message as a rebel to the rebels out there.

T-Shirt Graphic