Karina Eibatova

Karina Eibatova Drawing Stones Karina Eibatova Drawing Mushrooms

Karina Eibatova is an illustrator and fine-artist, born in Leningrad, USSR (St.Petersburg, Russia ), currently based in London. Karina specializes in drawing, illustration, murals, video, calligraphy and typography. 

Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colorful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches. 

Karina’s work is connected to the notions of nature, peace and love. Influenced by Earth and space, she delicately transforms floral motives into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment.

Karina was fond of drawing since childhood, she studied classical art disciplines in St. Petersburg, fine art education in Sweden, contemporary art in Moscow, in 2011 Karina studied media art in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since 2014 Karina is based in London and now she is studying in the Central Saint Martins University of Arts.

She has been published in various international books and magazines and has collaborated with several musicians for video and album-cover projects.

Since 2006 Eika takes a part in a creative collective called Dopludo, which consists of three people. Their recent projects are: wall drawing in a new store in Sydney, murals and the interior of a new café-bar in St. Petersburg, and drawings for a whole floor in a new hotel in Barcelona.

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