Lars Tae Zun Kempel

Lars Tae Zun Kempel

Lars Tae Zun Kempel Drawing
Lars Tae Zun Kempel (born in 1986) is an award winning, filmmaker, actor, model, designer whose work focuses on films, commercials, music videos, fashion, magazines and free artistic projects. 

Lars attended the University of Art and Design“HfG” in Offenbach, Germany, and received a master’s degree in Design (Visual Communication) with a specialization in Film (Directing/ Acting) and Illustration in 2014. His works have been featured in international publications, exhibitions, screenings and media. His mentor till this day is Eike Koenig (founder of “HORT”, in Berlin).

After his degree he founded his own street wear brand “NVRMRE”. Since 2009 he is the resident visual conception artist and director for “koeppel.ulsamer” a nuremberg based company for industrial / commercial films and photos. In 2014 Lars began teaching filmmaking at a private high school for a documentary project about refugees. 

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